Artist Bio

Maude Cottone is an Indianapolis-based trans visual artist & poet, specializing in abstract painting and photography. Self-taught, Cottone's work reflects her intuitive nature and explores the ideas of motion and ornamental composition. A photographer first, Cottone's love for motion in photography started when she began photographing the punk music scene in Central Indiana in 2018. She has since dispersed her eye for composition into architectural, street & portrait photography. 

Cottone's development in painting allows her to express motion in a more liberating fashion, largely stemming from experimenting with textures, bursting color palettes and varying methods of applying paint & mixed media. Her overall inspiration for her art is derived from the outer world's day to day complexities and simplicities, relating them to the movement of her own mind. 

Maude is also the co-founder of the Indianapolis-based cassette/digital record label, Sauna Suit Recordings. 

To support me, you can visit my print shop or visit my bandcamp page!


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